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Taking online quizzing to the next level

 Here at Zoom Quiz, we make your social time sooo much more fun; you get to relax and enjoy the quiz with your friends and family while we do all the hard work for you. 

Perfect Covid Proof Christmas Party, the virtual work Christmas party is going to be a thing this year why not make it brilliant fun. 

With over 20 years of experience in performing and hosting we are the experts in good times and are sure you will love it!

We offer quizzes for every occasion whether it’s a lockdown birthday party, a distanced family get together, or for friends just wanting to spend an hour and a half together online in an exciting, hilarious, and (sometimes!) competitive way.

Each quiz is 3 rounds of 20 questions* about 30 minutes per round with 6 different types of questions in each round.

1. Put these in order, 2. Multiple choice, 3. Action questions, 4. Music questions, 5. Letter question, 6. Number questions

it will keep you on your toes and get the grey matter going too. 

There are extra points for the fastest answer, and in the final round you lose points for an incorrect answer 


We can customize the quiz to include specialist questions or rounds suitable for particular age groups, or we can tailor the whole thing to a particular decade or age group - including quizzes especially for children or the older generation. 

You can also choose the level of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard

So come play the online quiz that's like being on a real-life game show, with all the sound effects, visuals, and even the buzzers! The winning team will receive an e-Certificate with their scores on too.

With prices for as little as £8 per team/household

Get in touch using the form below or call 075 11199939 now to book your quiz or ask any questions  

*approximately 20 questions per round, children's quizzes will have fewer questions to help maintain concentration. 

**We require a minimum fee of £50 per private booking, 

The cost of our quizzes are as follows:

Mon - Thursday £8 per household up to 20 people, 21-40 people £7, 41-60+ people £6 

Friday - Sunday £10 per household up to 20 people 21-40 people £9, 41-60+ people £8

There is a minimum charge of £50 per quiz Monday - Thursday (including up to 6 people)

There is a minimum charge of £80 per quiz Friday - Sunday (including up to 8 people)


Get in touch now

We're based in the United Kingdom

but we can delivery quizzes worldwide

Phone: 07511199939

Thanks for submitting!